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Despite their unique appearance, seahorses are actually members of the pipefish family. They have fins and gills, just like other fish, and feed by slurping food into their tube-like mouths.

Seahorses live in warm, temperate waters among sea grasses, mangroves, corals, and estuaries. To avoid being swept away by shifting currents, they wrap their tails around the stems of vegetation.

There are 32 seahorse species worldwide;Long Island Aquarium’s seahorse exhibit features the lined seahorse (Hippocampus erectus), found locally.

Behind the scenes, Long Island Aquarium Aquarists maintain an active seahorse breeding program that helps supply the thriving pet trade – and other Aquariums – while preserving wild populations.

Mr. Mom
The male seahorse is definitely not your average guy. He's the one that gets pregnant and bears children!