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Koi Pond

Long Island Aquarium’s Koi Pond – a summer 2007 addition to the Aquarium – showcases several varieties of koi, Japan’s national fish, also known as “Nishikigoi” – Japanese for “ornamental or colorful carp.”

Bred and cultivated for generations to produce the many different colors and limitless patterns for which they are prized, koi are closely related to goldfish. They are hardy coldwater fish that can reach 24-36” in length and live for 25-40 years, with a maximum lifespan of 200 years!

Koi eat a varied diet that includes shrimp, worms, insects, and chopped terrestrial and aquatic plants. Visitors to Long Island Aquarium can feed these beautiful fish for a nominal fee.

In addition to koi, Long Island Aquarium’s Koi Pond contains a variety of plant species, including water hyacinth, water lilies, water lettuce, papyrus, and canna.