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The Beauty of Training: The Story of Gray Beauty – a Rescued, Blind Gray Seal

Candy Paparo, Senior Marine Mammal Trainer, attended the 33rd Annual International Marine Animal Trainers’ Association (IMATA) Conference in November 2005.

Trainers from around the world gathered at the conference and gave presentations on a variety of topics, ranging from new husbandry procedures and health issues to the implementation of solutions to daily challenges and new customer interactive programs.

“I was excited to attend two seminars before and after the conference,” Candy said. “They were given by Ken Ramirez, who is the director of training and husbandry at Shedd Aquarium in Chicago.” Candy also gave a poster presentation on Gray Beauty; the rescued, blind gray seal that shares the true seal exhibit with the harbor seals at the Aquarium entrance. This poster showed some of Candy’s training experiences and successes working with Gray Beauty.

Candy explains, “It’s great to attend such worthwhile conferences. Just having a forum for Marine Mammal Trainers to gather and help better manage and care for the animals with which we all work is important.”